Interactive Manufacturing

Emerging technology like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are enabling people and equipment to collect and process necessary information quicker.

By turning your surroundings into an interactive environment, AR aims to produce efficient operations by reducing production downtime, quickly transferring important information, and identifying problems. The aim is to keep services and manufacturing processes running smoothly with minimal downtime.

ITAMCO Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Immersed in Your Environment

Augmented and virtual reality require expertise in computer vision, computer science, information technology, engineering, and general knowledge of how and where to implement these systems.

Need help starting your project? ITAMCO has experience building and implementing the required systems and hardware. If you are just starting the process or wanting more information, we can help. We are continually merging manufacturing with technology to drive better results.

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Case Study

Manufacturing Augmented Reality

By leveraging mixed reality or AR devices (with its heads-up display, camera, touchpad, microphone, email, and internet connection) and combining it with MTConnect functionality, ITAMCO provides a unique view into manufacturing. The AR user is free from other devices and able to travel the shop floor, gathering and sharing machine data, interacting with others, and finding more information from the internet or other connected devices.

Microsoft Hololens
ITAMCO Augmented Reality
ITAMCO and Wearable Technology
Using AR to Program Robots
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