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Artificial intelligence (AI) technology or machine-learning is making its way into manufacturing. Pattern-recognition software and AI could be key to modern factories. Other areas AI will have a major impact is quality control, shortening design times, perform predictive maintenance, and much more.

ITAMCO Artificial Intelligence

Building a Learning Infrastructure

AI and Machine learning are helping manufacturers fine-tune the production process. Algorithms will improve product quality, optimize operations on the shop floor, and improve lead times. Manufacturers care about growing but need to excel at product quality all while keeping lead-time short.

Manufacturers are turning to machine learning and AI to improve the performance of their operations, speed of production, and find performance-based solutions.

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Case Study

Machine Learning in Geothermal Energy Grade Prediction

The goal of machine learning is to automate mathematical models from given data and make predictions or decisions based on the data. It offers opportunities for technology advancement and cost reduction throughout the geothermal project lifecycle, from resource exploration to power plant operations.

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ITAMCO Machine Learning
Automated analytical model building
Manufacturing can benefit from AI to deliver quicker turnaround times and better planning.
AI makes it possible for machines to learn, adjust, and perform human-like tasks.
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