Versatility is one of the many benefits ITAMCO offer our customers.

Our ever expanding capabilities offer you the following solutions:

Precision Machining

Specializing in prototyping, serial production machining, and project management. ITAMCO’s versatility demands innovative manufacturing processes and advanced technology.

Precision Boring

Size Capability:
X = 120" or 3050mm
Y = 90" or 2280mm
Z = 96" or 2450mm

Vertical Machining

Size Capability:
X = 80" or 2050mm
Y = 50" or 1270mm
Z = 50" or 1270mm

Horizontal Machining

Size Capability:
X = 120" or 3050mm
Y = 90" or 2280mm
Z = 96" or 2450mm


Size Capability:
D = 30" or 762mm
L = 84" or 2133mm

Vertical Turning

Size Capability:
D = 120" or 3000mm
L = 90" or 2300mm

O.D. Grinding

Size Capability:
D = 16″ or 406mm
L = 72″ or 1850mm

I.D. Grinding

Size Capability:
D = 24″ or 600mm
L = 18″ or 450mm

Coordinate Measuring

Size Capability:
X = 156″ or 4000mm
Y = 100″ or 2500mm
Z = 60″ or 1525mm

ITAMCO Precision Boring
ITAMCO Turning
ITAMCO Machining

Open Gearing

ITAMCO is considered by many to be one of the most unique gear manufacturing companies in the world. Our capabilities range from large mining gears to high precision ground gears.

Gear Shaping

Size Capability:
D= 72" or 1850mm
L= 15" or 400mm

Gear Hobbing

Size Capability:
D= 78" or 2000mm
L= 48" or 1225mm

Gear Gashing

Size Capability:
D= 78" or 2000mm
L= 48" or 1225mm


Size Capability:
Up to 50 ton

Gear Grinding

Size Capability:
D= 156" or 4000mm
L= 70" or 1750mm

ITAMCO Gear Grinding
ITAMCO Gear Hobbing
ITAMCO Broaching

Large Part Assembly

ITAMCO’s large scale assembly is located facility in Argos, IN conveniently located to rail and major OTR (over the road) transportation. This 385,000 sq.ft. facility is equipped with multiple 80 Ton cranes and expansive teardown, rebuild, and new gear drive manufacturing cells.

ITAMCO Large Part Assembly
385,000 sq. ft.
ITAMCO Large Part Assembly
60 Foot High Bays
ITAMCO Large Part Assembly
80 Ton Cranes

Finishing and Non-Destructive Testing

ITAMCO offers extensive finishing and non-destructive testing capabilities to comply with your specifications.

Shot Peening

Size Capability:
20' x 20' Blast Grit Room
60" Diameter Shot Peening
Multi Specification Compliant

Part Cleaning

Featured Capability:
Ultra Sonic Cleaning
Large Conveyor and Vestibule Washers

Isotropic Surface Finishing

Featured Capability:
REM Process

Hardness Testing

All Rockwell Scales
Leeb (portable)

Non-Destructive Testing

Featured Capability:
Dye Penetrant
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
Surface Temper (Nital Etch)
Surface Roughness Testing (Portable Profilometer)


ITAMCO has produced high-quality, precision-machined components for our customers since 1955. To maintain this standard of excellence, we have continually refined our quality systems to meet the demands of our clients.

ITAMCO’s quality systems are registered to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Click here to view our certificate. Our quality control labs feature state-of-the-art Zeiss CMM’s with measuring envelopes of up to 160″. All CMM’s are equipped with state-of-the-art gear inspection capabilities. These machines allow us to gather and analyze quality data on large machined parts and geared or splined products.

We’ve also added several FaroArm-Platinum portable CMM’s to expand our inspection capabilities beyond the quality control lab. Our certified operators can now inspect or perform CAD-to-Part-analysis on parts anywhere the customer requires it while maintaining accuracy within +/- .0005″.

Zeiss Accura CMM
M and M Gear Analyzer
Zeiss Mauser CMM

ITAMCO's Quality Policy:

To provide products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations and to achieve customer satisfaction by the continuous improvement of our Quality Management system.