Precision and Repeatability

Robots used in manufacturing can create efficiencies from raw material handling to finished product packaging. ITAMCO has implemented robots for highly repeatable tasks, removing stress and adding valuable time back into team member's days.

ITAMCO Robotics
ITAMCO Universal Robot integration with Lathe

Robots on the Job

Robotic equipment is highly flexible and can be customized to perform complex functions. If you have a difficult or dangerous job the best solution might be a robot. With advancements in force sensing and vision systems, a robot can adapt to changes in part position or orientation, this greatly increases their flexibility, value, and versatility.

Have a problem robotics can solve? Talk to ITAMCO. We can help you acquire, setup, and program motions and sequences for your robotic systems.

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Robots in the Manufacturing Process

ITAMCO has integrated industrial robots into the manufacturing process. The focus has been on removing time-consuming tasks to efficiently use team members and keep them focused on other important jobs.

Watch the video to see one of our robots in action!

Robotic Welding
Robotic Painting
Robotic assembly is commonly used in electronics manufacturing.
Robots have also been integrated into warehouses and shipping facilities.
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