Gearbox and Assembly Services

Project management teams and engineers reach out to ITAMCO when they need help with complex assembly services. We specialize in engineering assistance, assembly, and testing of gear drives up to 160,000 lbs. ITAMCO has a proven track record of solving gearing and assembly related problems.


  • 110 ton crane capacity
  • 60 foot ceiling height in assembly hall
  • Electric soft start for motors up to 6000 HP
  • Gearbox spin test stands
  • Temperature, noise, and vibration monitoring
  • Electrical and lubrication systems assembly
  • Gearbox tear down, kiss grinding, and rebuild services
  • Custom and serial production volumes
ABB Vertical Gearmotor
Propulsion Drive

New Gearbox Manufacturing Expertise and Complete Rebuilding Services

When our customers need to reduce cost and minimize investment, they turn to our engineering, manufacturing, and assembly services group. Collaboratively, we have helped customers in several industries including Oil & Gas, Rail, Satellite Positioning Systems, Gas Turbine, Final Drives for Mining applications, Water Treatment, Cement Mixers, etc.

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ABB Vertical Gearmotors, manufactured by ITAMCO, are Protecting New Orleans from Flooding
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Transfer Case
Case Study


ITAMCO engineered and assembled the transfer case for a concrete mixer.

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