A decade ago ITAMCO was searching for a way to more efficiently monitor the production process.

How long did it take to manufacture one part? How long did each process take? Were were problems occurring? We needed a way to track these things and make production as productive and efficient as possible. Our in-house developers began creating QuPiD as a way to better track the way we manufacture.

The software is always being being updated and expanded. QuPiD now works as follows:

  • Each ITAMCO employee installs QuPiD on their mobile device
  • They sign into a job via QuPiD when they receive a part
  • When they complete their operation of the Manufacturing Order (MO), they sign out of that job.
  • The part continues to the next stage.

The most recent major release added blockchain. Data submitted to a blockchain cannot be deleted, altered, or edited, and it can always be traced back to the original transaction author. QuPiD can now immutably verify every transaction that is uploaded. This also plays a role in helping ITAMCO to adhere to the ISO9001:2015 standard.