Making CNC Grinding More Energy Efficient

In 2020, the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII) announced more than $6 million in funding…

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ITAMCO Wins Small and Medium-sized Manufacturer of the Year

In an annual event to commemorate innovation in hardtech and manufacturing, ITAMCO has won the small and medium-sized…

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ITAMCO Niles ZP 40 Gear Grinder

Changes in Smart Manufacturing

West Virginia University and ITAMCO are advancing smart manufacturing with a $901,486 grant awarded by the United…

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Gear Grinder at ITAMCO

Advancing Leadership in Smart Manufacturing

The Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII) announced more than $6 million in funding for eight…

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Distributed Decentralized Rural Agile Manufacturing

Distributed Decentralized Rural Agile Manufacturing

Long before the Covid 19 outbreak, I was a finalist for the Blue Sky David Dornfeld Manufacturing Vision Award with a…

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Industrial Robotics

Connecting with SME

I serve on the SME Member Council and recently wrote an article about the powerful connections SME fosters and growth…

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Advanced Arresting Gear (AAG)

USS Gerald R Ford at-sea Testing

The USS Gerald R Ford (CVN 78) is in the middle of at-sea testing of her Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS)…

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ITAMCO named IMA Medium-tier Manufacturer of the Year

ITAMCO Named IMA Medium-Tier Manufacturer of the Year

The Indiana Manufacturers Association (IMA) held its 2019 Manufacturers Hall of Fame Luncheon on October 16, 2019, at…

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Additive Manufacturing materials test

Easing Additive Manufacturing Design

The orientation of a part on the metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) build plate is one of the most important aspects of…

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ITAMCO Connected Forklifts

ITAMCO awarded one of the Top Supply Chain Innovators of 2016

At ITAMCO, each forklift is linked to the company's ERP system through its GPS and an application on a smart tablet…

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ITAMCO Named Autodesk 2014 Inventor of the Year

ITAMCO Named 2014 Autodesk Inventor of the Year

ITAMCO was featured in Fortune for ongoing development of wearable technology and finding innovative ways to…

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ITAMCO Manufacturing Education School Service Center (IMESSC)

A Partnership between Plymouth Schools, ITAMCO and Ivy Tech will offer Precision Tool Manufacturing TrainingHigh school…

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MT Connect: Two Shops Share Their Experience

For two shops in northern Indiana, using MTConnect for machine monitoring was just the start. Both shops are now ready…

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