Save the Date!

Join ITAMCO at the Motion + Power Technology Event this coming Tuesday, October 17th, at 10:30 a.m. for an in-depth discussion on The Future of Gear Manufacturing.

The Event is held in Detroit, MI.

What is the Motion + Power Technology Expo?

The Motion + Power Technology Expo is a three-day event that serves as a vital link for professionals seeking solutions in the field of motion power. It provides a platform for connecting manufacturers, suppliers, and buyers, offering the opportunity to discover cutting-edge power transmission components, materials, and advanced manufacturing techniques. This event facilitates transactions, allowing participants to both procure and sell products, while fostering business collaborations across diverse sectors, including aerospace, automotive, agriculture, energy, construction, and more. It stands as one of the largest gatherings of industry leaders, CEOs, proprietors, engineers, sales managers, and other experts within the electric, fluid, mechanical, and gear industries, offering an ideal environment to cultivate strategic partnerships.

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